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Rare Variety Cafe offers 100% vegan products ranging from jack fruit sliders, southern fried cauliflower, to herbal teas.  Founded in 2018, Rare Variety Cafe is poised to grow into a food hub, including a boutique grocery store.  Rare Variety Cafe aims to provide an outlet for local farmers and healthy affordable options for the community. 

Customer Testimonials

"First time here. I got jack fruit tacos with daddy Mac and potato salad... hubby got jack fruit Philly... daddy Mac and avocado slaw..... omg.... it was sooooo delicious!! My new favorite vegan restaurant in Columbia. I can't wait to try everything else in their menu. Place is clean. Staff is very friendly. Food was definitely made with love"

Isha G.

“Customer service was prompt. Food was really tasty and made fresh. I got the cauliflower wings, sweet potato fries and sauteed kale. They also gave me a Basil Lemonade it was really good! Satisfied customer! will definitely be back to try their other menu options! Thank you for bringing more Vegan delights to Columbia!”

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